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Hand Sanitiser Dispensers For Business


We’ve created the INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser to give you confidence in reliable hand hygiene at every step. From the touchless tech to the reliable supply of easy replacement cartridges and the high-quality sanitiser inside, it represents more than just good business practice – it’s an investment in the safety and confidence of your staff and customers.

Good hygiene shouldn't just be something that applies to personal lives; and hand sanitiser dispensers are an easy way to improve hygiene in the workplace.

By regularly sanitising your hands, you reduce the number of bacteria that you transfer to objects and surfaces around your workplace, keeping colleagues and customers safe - now more than ever.

Our range of sanitiser dispensers are the next-generation hand sanitising, purpose built for business environments. Durable, robust, and easy to operate. Its precision Swiss-Engineered construction provides a reliable hygiene solution for a wide range of high traffic environments.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 6 months between charges (depending on frequency of use), making the product easy to integrate into your business.

An additional spare battery slot within the dispenser allows for quick battery changeover and continuous use in busy areas, while a safety locking mechanism secures the device when in operation.

The easy-replacement cartridges allow effortless sanitiser replenishment, with the external status light panel alerting operators when cartridge or battery levels are low.

With additional options of floor stands or wall mounting, we provide you with greater flexibility with the location.

Is hand sanitiser better to use than soap?

Hand sanitiser works differently to hand soap. It’s created to have increased contact time with your skin; giving the antibacterial ingredients more time to work. 

INEOS Hygienics Sanitiser products are hospital grade and trusted by doctors, they are made from high purity pharma grade alcohol and are specially formulated to the highest standards for being effective against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Are automatic dispensers superior to pumps?

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are the most hygienic type of hand sanitiser dispensers - because you don’t have to touch it to use it! Greatly reducing the risks of cross-contamination, and keeping your business safe.