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corner angle shot of INEOS Dispenser sat on black surface with grey background
INEOS Hygienics

The Test Pit: INEOS Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser Review

β€œWorks well and looks great. A no-sweat kind of gadget”, The Test Pit.  

Though you may typically find a sanitiser dispenser device when entering a business, office, or retail store… The Test Pit reminds readers that such a dispenser is not something you would usually find in the home, β€œand certainly not this good-looking” particularly as it has been, β€œdesigned to be as easy to use as possible, while appearing like something that would compliment any modern home.”

The Test Pit comments that since the INEOS Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser is so easy to use, they found themselves using it more than expected. The device was positioned at the entrance doors of the office, and Test Pit employees admitted they quickly found themselves getting into the habit of using it whenever they entered or left the office. 

The article finishes with a statement as final praise saying, β€œthe INEOS Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser a real help in getting us out of lockdown and back to normality.”

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