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corner angle shot of INEOS Dispenser sat on black surface with grey background
INEOS Hygienics

Healthy Living London: June round-up

Healthy Living London have published their collection of tried and tested goodies. The article features our, β€œbeautiful” and β€œsuper easy to use” INEOS Hand Sanitiser Dispenser as the fundamental solution for at-home use. Hannah Cox (Healthy Living London contributor) comments:

β€œIf you’re after a way to prioritise hygiene which looks good in the house, the INEOS dispenser is what you need.”

Cox mentions that the touchless dispenser is β€œbig enough so you don’t have to continually buy refills… but discreet” enough that it comfortably fits in the home environment.

Continue reading about the benefits of investing in your own INEOS Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispenser here.

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